Top Tips for Food Prep.

16 november 2017
Surrey Fitness Events

I would proudly name myself queen of food prep so I wanted to share my top tips for getting it done! I have an office job Mon-Fri and I eat breakfast, lunch & snacks at my desk.

I always take my lunch in to work, I can in fact count on my hand the amount of times I have been caught off guard and had to buy my lunch.

Now some people think this is something serious ‘clean eaters’ do or crazy macro counters, don't get me wrong I have done it for these reasons in the past but in general I do this for two main reasons.

  1. Save money, I worked out I save about £150 a month from bringing my lunch in rather than buying out.
  2. The health benefits and feeling full! I don't know about you the salads from Pret just do not have half the volume I usually give myself in terms of veggies etc and I then do feel much more hungry after their melas than my own.

It does not have to be a chore!

So my top tips to make this an enjoyable process & make sure you get it done in the most efficient way, it does not have to be a chore!

  1. Factor the time in- when thinking through your weekend plan some time in to food pre, I usually pick a Sunday morning or a Sunday before dinner. Pick a time that suits you and build into your weekend plans. I usually need 1.5 hours from start to finish.
  2. Plan your meals- make sure your shopping is in and you have a plan of what you want to cook. I usually do Mon-Thu lunches, I happily eat the same thing but if you are one to get bored then add some variety in to each lunch eg sweet potato and chicken on Monday and Wednesday, veggie sausages and quinoa on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Use it as relaxation time- sounds crazy but put some music on, turn your phone off & get cooking, it can actually be a really therapeutic process. I am usually found singing Ed Sheeran at the top of my voice during my food prep!
  4. Tupperware- get the right Tupperware in. The right sizes for your lunches and breakfast, it makes storing much easier.
  5. Pick your go to resources. Each week I pick my a few of my favourite recipes for designing my meals. I usually look online or in my favourite cook books, my favourite ones are Zanna Van Dijk or The Food Medic books, I get loads of my ideas from these.
  6. Keep it simple- don't over complicate, now I am not saying chicken, rice and broccoli but you do not need to do complicated recipes to make it interesting or taste nice. I will often have a salmon salad but to add variety I alter my seasoning or change my carb source. No recipe to follow just a simple one oven tray bake of veggies, fish & potato/rice or whatever you fancy.