The Hornet

This piece of art is a deeply personal and healing drawing, its story is one of heartache and revelation...

In September 2018 my mother-in-law passed away after a number of years battling cancer. In one of my many moments of heartache, I cried out in prayer to God and recall becoming so profoundly aware that death was never in God's original plan. I realised that God never intended for me to feel this pain because he never intended for humanity to die or be without Him. Yet the truth of the matter is we do, and we are.

TThis is why Jesus came to earth; to defeat the sting of sin and death! He came to restore humanity to himself meaning that, through faith in Jesus, we can inherit eternal life that is free from pain and sickness.

A little while later, in February 2020, a good friend and work colleague also passed away following another battle against cancer. Life can be hard and unexpected but I take so much comfort in the fact that both believed in Jesus. Why? Because this means that both are now free from pain and are in the presence of their saviour Jesus.

Death is not the end because Jesus Christ has defeated sin, sickness and death. He is victorious. He rules and reigns over all things and is seeking to call humanity back to himself one individual at a time.

This piece is inspired by my journey and what I have felt God whisper to me in my prayers. It took a while, and at times was difficult to draw, but ultimately it helped me on my healing journey. It is in loving memory and esteemed honour of my mother-in-law, Mary Harvey, and friend, Jemily Brown. I love you both - Our loss is heavens gain!

This artwork can be purchased in the format shown or in a square format, both with or without the scripture at the bottom.

50% of all profits from this artwork will be donated to Cancer Research UK

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