The Bulb

John 1:5 reads 'The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.'

Every one of us has dark days when we face challenges. Whether they are lies and deceit, exploitation, ill-health, gossip, aggressive behaviour, slander, the death of a loved one or numerous frustrations; the list seems endless. The world can sometimes seem so full of darkness.

But the light of Jesus Christ overcomes. Jesus came as light into this dark world to live a perfect life. He came to die in our place for our sin, and, most importantly, to rise from the dead showing power over sin, sickness and death. Jesus overcame the grave so that, through faith in him, we can inherit eternal life with him.

This does not mean we no longer have dark days, rather it means we can (if we choose to) face them with Jesus. His light changes the darkness.

This drawing was created as a visual reminder that whatever we face, no matter how dark things get, Jesus Christ has overcome! It took me just over 50 hours and was a very steep learning curve but with every pencil stroke I found this phenomenal truth began to sink in. It was well worth the it!

The Bulb can be purchased in the format shown or in a square format, both with or without the scripture at the bottom of the piece.

If you want to find out more please get in touch or if you would like to buy a limited edition print please fill in an order form.