The Anchor

This drawing of The Anchor was one of my first pieces of art that I produced for We Are The Created. It is inspired by the scripture in Hebrews 6 that is titled 'The Certainty of God's Promise'. When reading this scripture, and reflecting on my own personal experiences, I was struck by how faithful and unfailing God is in fulfilling all His promises. Therefore, the Christian has a hope that is so sturdy it is described as being like an anchor; immovable, steadfast and reliable.

I really loved drawing this, it was as though this incredible truth sank deeper and deeper with each pencil stroke. For me, this artwork acts as a reminder of God's faithfulness throughout life's stormy seas.

This piece can be purchased in the format shown or in a square format, both with or without the scripture at the bottom of the piece.

If you want to find out more please get in touch or if you would like to buy a limited edition print please fill in an order form.