What motivates me to eat well & exercise?

30 November 2017
Surrey Fitness Events

A question I am asked by many, including my husband when my alarm goes off at 6am in the dark cold winter mornings & I jump out of bed (most of the time).

The truth I am motivated to be the best possible version of myself. We are all here for a finite amount of time, eating well and exercising is fundamental to maximise your potential.

I want to get my heart racing through exercise I enjoy 4-5 times a week, so that I stay a healthy weight and look and feel my best.

I want to eat food that nourishes me from the inside out so that on a day to day basis I am not fighting sugar cravings or always feeling hungry/dissatisfied. We all know how that feels!

I am not motivated by short term fix, chizzled abs or a perfect bum is just not unachievable for many and if aiming to look good for a holiday that is a temporary thing, once that holiday is over how will you get yourself to the gym or to prep your lunch the night before rather than grabbing that unhealthy lunch on the go?

Enjoyment is also key! Otherwise you will never commit to it long term. If you don’t like lifting weights don’t do it, join a run club/ play netball whatever gets you going. In terms of food you do not have to eat chicken and rice. Make your healthy meals exciting and different every week. I genuinely much prefer the healthy options I make such as a falafel and hummus salad- my fave!

If you feel unmotivated I would get you to ask yourself two questions.
Why- why are you doing this and what is your long time goal?
What do you enjoy- and do more of that.

It will be easier if you know the answer to these questions