Should I run a marathon?.

16 november 2017
Surrey Fitness Events

Watching marathons in running season often gets us interested in doing an event ourselves.

I know it did for me! I have written this blog as I think it is really important to consider a few vital things before deciding to embark on a marathon or even a half marathon for that matter.

What is your WHY?

My first tip is to ask yourself, why do you want to run this marathon. I believe that the reason has to be bigger than simply ‘to get fit’ or because I want to tick it off my list.

The reason must be something that is going to carry you through the hours of training & drag you out of bed in the winter to hit the road.

I was given the opportunity to run the London marathon by a children’s cancer charity.

My 16-year-old cousin had recently passed away after losing her battle to cancer, this alone gave me the drive I needed due to the money I was raising and the fact I got a big green tick on my bucket list and hit a personal accomplishment was a perk but not the driving force.

Really think about your reason why.

Is it healthy for you, right now?

Asses your life and your current goals to understand if running 20 miles a week is going to be detrimental to your body and overall health. It’s a long slog and you shouldn’t enter the process lightly.

It requires a lot of hours training & you need to be prepared for it.

If you are experiencing a busy year workwise for example, do not add the additional stress of training for a marathon. It will do you and your job no good.

If you are underweight or don’t have you period or are using it as an excuse to overtrain then again probably not the best thing you should do.

This requires you to be very honest with yourself.

Do you have the time?

I mention above that training is time consuming. It really is. I did two long runs a week during training and 1 run based hiit session in the gym.

At first it is ok but as the miles go up and therefore the time you need to spend out running and the time it takes to recover does too.

If you have other fitness commitments or work commitments and running cannot be prioritised the likelihood is you will end up injured from being tired/or overtrained, which often prevents you from sticking to your schedule and the whole thing becomes not very enjoyable.

Are you fit enough to run?

What do I mean by this? Most people think they will run to get fit, I understand that logic but running also is so so demanding on your body. I actually encourage people to do a tonne of strength and mobility training before they start ramping up the miles on the road.

If your body is strong you are much more likely to enjoy marathon training.

I promise I am trying to put you off, which I’m not, I did the London marathon in 3hrs 46mins which was one of the best thing I have ever done as it was a huge personal achievement.

If you are up for the challenge and doing it for the right reason then go for it! I just urge you to consider a few things before you sign up!