Becky Osano- Personal Trainer & Fitness coach
Farnham, Guildford, Camberly & Farnborough

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Hello, I am Becky, Surrey based Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor. I specialise in functional fitness which is training to focus on body weight exercises, cardio fitness & progressivly incorporating weights and resistance. Whether running 10k is your personal fitness goal or getting your body stronger & leaner my approach to personal trianing will help you achieve your goal. A fundamental to fitness is enjoyment, my workouts are designed to achieve goals but ensure you have fun in the process.

Surrey Fitness Events

About Becky

I am a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer. My personal journey to fitness started when I was at university and realised I could not run more than 10 minutes. I hated that that feeling and knew I wanted to become fitter and stronger, I set a goal to run 10k which helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, happier & stronger. My journey has since evolved from becoming a full-time runner, through to a gym bunny focusing only on muscle building through to triathlons, HIIT workouts and everything in-between! I soon became addicted to exercise in an unhealthy manor, I ended up losing my menstrual cycle for over 3 years as a result & suffered with hormone imbalances for many years after. This encouraged me to learn more about effective exercise routines, where I then qualified as a PT for my personal use but also, so I could educate others in particular females to be able to use exercise as a tool to enable them to feel better on both the inside & out but safe & effectivly. .

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