Hi, I'm Jon Oldaker the founder of We Are The Created. I love the creative arts, whether that is sketching, sculpting, painting, photography or other forms of creativity. From a young age I have loved drawing.

I grew up going to church with my parents and remember sketching during Sunday sermons but at the age of about 12 I began to find worldly things far more attractive. After a number of years of not going to church and taking drugs I found my life had little meaning. This caused me to ask ‘what’s the point in life?’

At my lowest point, when contemplating purpose, Jesus stepped in and brought clarity of life. I prayed a desperate prayer in which I said to God that I would give my life to Jesus IF he would break my addiction to drugs and change my life.

And that’s exactly what he did! I began to learn what it looked like to live a life following Jesus. I realised this meant using my God-given creative gifts and so started to explore studies in graphic design and photography. I got stuck into a local church where I met my beautiful wife Rebecca and now we have two gorgeous boys, Nathaniel and Simeon.

Years later I fully embraced creativity as God birthed a desire to encourage others in the creative arts; I became an art teacher. Although I have moved on from teaching I still have a love and passion for creativity and therefore continue to produce artwork under the company name We Are The Created.

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